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Etherborn is a multi-gravitational 3D platformer

Fez meets The Witness in this exploration focused adventure.

While at Gamelab Barcelona last month, one game that really grabbed our attention was Etherborn. Being developed by Altered Matter, we got a chance to have a brief chat with two of the guys behind the title.

"[Etherborn is] a 3D exploration platformer mostly based on navigation," said Samuel Cohen, one of the artists for the game. "The character changes her gravity when she walks over curved surfaces, so you have to build a mental map of the level to understand how it works. It has puzzle and logic elements but it's all based on navigation."

The perspective changes automatically; it's not like Fez in the sense that you choose when to rotate the world, but the lead character will automatically stick to any curved surface, similar to how the Magneboots work in the Ratchet & Clank games.

Etherborn started as masters degree project where the guys were working on it in their free time, but soon started up the Altered Matter studio and it's been in full time development for a year. The guys are aiming for a Q1 2018 release, as they're around halfway complete with the amount of levels they want to include, and there's a few mechanics they're still working on.

To us, it gives off very strong Fez vibes, along with The Witness. The puzzles may be of a different nature, but the core concept seems to be the same; solve puzzles, explore a stunning environment, and change the perspective. Check out the full interview below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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