ESRB removes the Xbox Stray page

It's probably still coming though, but don't expect a confirmation before mid-July.

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Yesterday we revealed that it looks like Stray will be released for Xbox fairly soon after being a PC and PlayStation exclusive title since last summer. The source was the software rating board ESRB who had a dedicated page for Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X, all but confirming that it's coming (they don't do age ratings for fun).

But since then, the page has gone missing and only gives you a "404 error" message. A reasonable guess is that either Sony (who paid to keep the game away from Xbox for 12 months) and/or the publisher Annapurna Interactive asked them to do so. We firmly believe that Stray is in fact coming for Xbox, but we probably won't hear about it until the timed exclusive deal has ended in July - unless PEGI or some similar organisation in other markets publish their age-ratings in the same manner as ESRB did, which is very common.


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