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League of Legends

Schalke 04 is officially in talks to sell its LEC slot

Still no official decision yet, however.

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The League of Legends European Championship slot for the German football club Schalke 04 has been confirmed to be in the conversation for being sold. The information comes via The Esports Observer, who stated that the team is in "active talks" to sell the slot.

In the report, it was revealed by Schalke 04 Esports Managing Director Tim Reichert that there are talks with an "undisclosed party or parties" about the sale, but that "there is no final decision yet." It was also mentioned that any decisions that are made will likely be revealed over the next few weeks, and that the team is hoping to provide an update in "10 - 14 days."

The first news of the slot being on the sales block came in February, when Schalke 04 management released a statement saying, "We're currently in the process of evaluating different options that the club can take depending on the circumstances it'll find itself in by the end of the Bundesliga season. This includes, but is not limited to, selling the LEC slot to an interested buyer."

As for the price of the slot, it has been reported by German magazine BILD that the slot is on sale for €30M.

League of Legends

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