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League of Legends

NRG Esports to return to League of Legends

The organisation has acquired Vietnamese organisation Gam eSports to do so.

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NRG Esports has announced that it is returning to its roots and coming back to competitive League of Legends. The team revealed the decision and also announced that it has acquired Gam eSports to do so, with Gam's LoL roster set to be the team who will compete under the NRG name.

Gam eSports recently won the Vietnam Championship Series, and would've attended the current Mid-Season Invitational if Vietnamese teams were able to travel. Hopefully, we'll get to see the team make an impact down the line, and maybe at Worlds 2021.

The roster and return to LoL has been completed in partnership with CMG World Gaming, to establish NRG Asia, a new branch of NRG that is set to further the organisation as a global brand. Speaking about the creation of NRG Asia, NRG co-founder and CEO, Andy Miller said, "With so much passion around esports in Southeast Asia, we thought Vietnam was the perfect place to launch NRG's global expansion. Besides, Randy Dobson, CMG.ASIA Chairman, and Mark Mastrov, the founder of 24-Hour Fitness & co-founder of NRG Esports, have a history of successful collaborations going back over two decades."

We can probably expect more news coming from NRG Asia as the year develops, as the NRG website has stated, "We're actively working to make NRG a global brand and this is our awesome way of beginning that."

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