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Here are the four Overwatch League teams that qualified for the 2021 May Melee

There's two from North America and two from the APAC region.

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The first tournament in the 2021 Overwatch League calendar is set to take place this coming weekend, with the first matches set for early in the morning (European time) on May 7. With the event soon set to begin, here are the four teams that have qualified after several weeks of matches and are set to compete.

  • North America No.1 seed: Florida Mayhem

  • North America No.2 seed: Dallas Fuel

  • Asia-Pacific No.1 seed: Chengdu Hunters

  • Asia-Pacific No.2 seed: Shanghai Dragons

The event itself will be a double-elimination format with the first set of games set to see Shanghai face Florida, and Dallas take on Chengdu. The winners will move on, whereas the losers will fall to the lower bracket in the hopes of keeping their tournament run alive.

When the games do start at 3am BST / 4am CEST Friday May 7, be sure to catch all the action here.


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