Enthusiast Gaming welcomes NFL star Richard Sherman to its board of directors

The gaming media platform is the parent group for the esports organisation Luminosity.

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Enthusiast Gaming, one of the largest gaming media platforms in the United States and the parent group of the Luminosity Gaming esports organisation has announced that NFL star Richard Sherman has been appointed to its board of directors.

"As a gamer myself, I became interested in the business of video gaming and esports seeing the emergence of the industry come alive right in front of my own eyes and recognizing the tremendous growth potential that exists, which has many parallels to professional sports," commented Richard Sherman. "Enthusiast Gaming has been successful at navigating and leveraging the industry's growth to position itself as a dominant player. As a member of the Board, I look forward to playing an active role in helping the Company execute its strategic plan and fully capitalize on its potential."

Sherman has been working with Luminosity for a while now, even becoming an ambassador for the brand in 2019. This new role will see Sherman bring his wealth of experience in leadership and in the gaming community, thanks to his Twitch influence, to be a driving force in the industry.

In other NFL and gaming news, Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray recently joined FaZe Clan.

Enthusiast Gaming welcomes NFL star Richard Sherman to its board of directors

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