F1 2020

F1 Esports announces Women's Wildcard to help encourage gender diversity in the competitive scene

This follows four years of all-male teams.

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In a first for the scene, F1 Esports has announced that it will be creating a Women's Wildcard competition to help female gamers break into the competitive scene that for the last four years, has been dominated by all-male teams.

The event that is set to take place between May 3-9, will be an all-women's competition in F1 2020 that will see whoever earns the fastest time given a slot into the Pro Exhibition, an event where teams look to recruit new drivers.

This of course doesn't mean any team will select a woman racer as one of its drivers, but it should hopefully provide more opportunities to diversify the genders in the future, especially considering there has never been a female racer in the scene before.

4 seasons into #F1Esports & we've never had a female qualifier," said Julian Tan, head of esports at F1 over Twitter. "This isn't due to lack of ability but systemic biases that drive a lack of participation. This is for our future female sim racers picking up the gaming wheel because they saw someone like them making it."

F1 2020

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