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TSM unveils collegiate program, TSMU

It's designed to help people get into the industry, and is completely free.

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Esports organisation TSM has announced a new collegiate program designed to help people get into the esports industry. Known as TSMU, the program is free to join and is open to anyone to join, even those who are not in a form of education.

TSMU will offer those that join its ranks access to career panels, Q&As with industry professionals, internship opportunities, and it will also be hosting several gaming events for its members, including casual tournaments and watch parties.

TSM's Allie Hahe talked about why TSMU has been created on the announcement post, saying, "In this industry, there has historically been a lack of a clear path on how to get involved, so it can be challenging for those who are interested in this business to even get started. This is why we created TSMU. We want to lead the way in creating new opportunities in the space, as well as providing education and insight for those looking to learn how they can work in the space."

To check out the full announcement post, head over here.

TSM unveils collegiate program, TSMU

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