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Dignitas has dropped one of its two Valorant rosters

The organisation will continue to field its women's team.

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Dignitas has decided to "no longer field" one of its two Valorant rosters, in a snap and quite unusual decision. The organisation has announced that it will continue to field and support its women's team, but its other roster will be parting ways, despite the success that the Valorant Champions Tour has seen recently. The statement from Dignitas reads as follows:

"Dignitas has made the difficult decision to no longer field one of our two VALORANT rosters, parting ways with Psalm, Dephh, Rara, Ryann, and Makka. We are actively searching for a new home for the players and look forward to following their success.

Dignitas remains an avid supporter of VALORANT, and we will continue to field our women's VALORANT roster.

We love the game, we love the players, we love the fans.

We look forward to supporting new VALORANT initiatives in the future."

No word has been mentioned as to where the former Dignitas squad will end up, but considering teams are often looking for a way into the Valorant scene these days, seeing a big name organisation drop a team is quite surprising.


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