Chengdu Hunters add former Overwatch League talent Emily Tang to its staff

Tang joins the Hunters to "become the bridge joining the team and overseas fan community."

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The Chengdu Hunters Overwatch League team has announced the addition of Emily Tang to its staff in the role of overseas correspondent. The former OWL broadcast talent member will be joining the organisation as it looks to "become the bridge joining the team and overseas fan community and cheer up for the Hunters in the coming competitions!"

Tang previously worked as a translator for the Chinese teams and players in the league back over the first few seasons, but with live events not scheduled for the next season, she has taken a different approach to working in the league. No word exactly has been detailed as to how her role will impact the Hunters and its community, but considering the OWL is set to start as soon as April 16, we'll no doubt be hearing more from the team soon.

Chengdu Hunters

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