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Fortnite cancels several weekend events due to bug

The FNCS Round 1 has also been affected.

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Epic has announced that it will be cancelling this weekend's Friday Nite Bragging Rights, Solo Cash Cup, and Trios Cash Cup "due to a bug." The in-game tournaments have all been delayed, and it seems whatever is affecting the game is also causing some issues with the Fortnite Championship Series Round 1 qualifier.

According to Epic, "Players may see a "Failed to query Tournament Rules" error message when queuing for FNCS Round 1," and if they do they must restart their game and requeue every 15 minutes. From the way it sounds, the bug seems to simply be affecting matchmaking, meaning the competitive integrity of the event should still be intact. Either way hopefully Epic can find a much better solution soon.

In replacement for the cancelled tournaments however, Epic will be hosting a series of test tournaments that will not feature cash prizes, but will be open to anyone who wishes to compete. You should be able to find those in the Compete Tab on Friday, Saturday, and Monday.

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