Numlocked retires from competitive Overwatch

Numlocked: "would definitely be open to coaching but I can't see myself competing anymore."

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Seb "Numlocked" Barton has announced his decision to retire from competitive Overwatch. The main tank player who has been a professional since the beginning of Overwatch, has played on several different teams both in the Overwatch League, Contenders and in various rosters before the formal events were arranged a few years ago.

Numlocked detailed the decision in a Twitter post that stated his reasonings for retiring. He said: "I've decided to retire from overwatch. after taking a break just before gauntlet I realised my heart isn't in it anymore, the fire inside me that pushed me to grind and persevere has died. shoutout to everyone that was on a team I played for or against, you guys made it all worth."

He continued further saying: "and especially shoutout to fans that followed and supported me the last 5 years, really appreciated you all. would definitely be open to coaching but I can't see myself competing anymore."

This does state that Numlocked hasn't ruled out remaining in the Overwatch scene, as the options to continue his career as a coach is something he definitely is open to. However, his future as a player seems to have come to an end, after a lengthy five-year span.

Photo: Overwatch League

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