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Natus Vincere has parted with PUBG coach Dyrem

After only a few months with the team, NA'VI will be looking for a new PUBG coach.

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Natus Vincere has announced that it will be moving on from their Playerunknown's Battlegrounds coach Alexander "Dyrem" Sevirinov. After being part of the organisation since June 2020, Dyrem will be heading elsewhere going forward.

In a statement from NA'VI PUBG team manager Valeriia "Lera_X" Khegai she commented on the coaching change saying; "We would like to thank Alexander for his work and we wish him best of luck in his future endeavours. I'd like to note that Dyrem has vast experience and knowledge in the field of competitive PUBG. But, unfortunately, these skills didn't help the team to improve the results at the tournaments."

Under Dyrem's leadership NA'VI PUBG made one podium result since June 2020, at the PUBG Pro Sessions #2, netting $1000 in prize money. The team has also achieved a 7th place finish in the PUBG Continental Series 2: Europe, landing $6400 in prize money, but in general, the results are still lacking.

Lera_X further commented on the coaching change. "This year we have won some tournaments and qualifiers and reached the new records, but there's still one major task ahead of us — to improve the stability of our team's performance."

"Currently the team has a difficult period of restructuring, but we believe that in the future these changes will lead to more confident results. We are grateful to the organisation and our fans, we hope that with your support this path will lead us to the new victories."

Who do you think will take the mantle of coach at NA'VI PUBG going forward?

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