Fnatic partners with Bud Light

The Bud Knight is back from the dead, and now, he has set his eyes on a new audience.

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UK-based esports organisation Fnatic has partnered with beer brand Bud Light. The partnership, which was revealed in an advert where the 'respawned' Bud Knight donated to Fnatic's FIFA professional Harry Hesketh's stream, before showing up in person to Hesketh's location.

The Bud Knight was originally presumed dead, after perishing in a Game of Thrones Super Bowl advert last year, meaning this partnership is the first time the iconic figure will be seen since the event. As for the partnership, this deal will see a series of Bud Light packs with Fnatic competitions available for buyers to join in with.

"This year we wanted to make sure we were reaching our target audience of 18 to 30 year olds by modernising beer through culture and fun," said Martina Isella, Sr Brand Manager at Bud Light in a press release. "The audience in this space [esports] is massive and stats show that daily viewers in lockdown increased exponentially with the average daily viewers up by over 65%. And although we've been playing in the world of esports for a while, we knew that this was the right time to take it to the next level."

Isabella also teased the Bud Knight's Twitter page, as if there might be some unique content being released across the figure's platform over the coming weeks or months.

"Esports is already loved by many around the world and we are thrilled to be partnering with a fun and light-hearted brand like Bud Light to help us raise awareness of this fantastic sport to the masses," said Glen Calvert, COO at FNATIC. "The prizes on offer are really exciting for anyone who's passionate about esports, or indeed anyone who is keen to get involved in this growing community of fans."

Check out a picture of the Fnatic Bud Light packs below.

Fnatic partners with Bud Light

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