Mayor of London to address youth unemployment with esports

The collaboration will aim to set young people up with the skills necessary to succeed in the esports industry.

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The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan has joined with the esports organisation LDN United to further provide opportunities for young people to look for a career in esports. The event, the LDN United Inter-Borough Esports Championships will set up a whole range of workshops that will allow young people to dive into the industry, whether that means through video editing skills or social media management.

The idea of this initiative is to set young people up with the necessary skills to join one of the fastest growing industries that has a global audience of 500 million viewers. The whole event will also feature a few tournaments based across FIFA 21 and NBA 2K21, ran from December 5 - 19, and streamed over Twitch.

"The growth of esports over the past 12 months has been considerable," said Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London in an article on the LDN United site. "The industry is generating millions of pounds for our economy, as well as creating much needed jobs for our community, particularly here in London. With that growth comes a level of responsibility, and I am proud that my Sport Unites programme is able to help fund LDN UTD, an organisation who are using their platform and the power of esports."

Mayor of London to address youth unemployment with esports

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