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League of Legends

Team Liquid officially re-signs Jensen for three years

The deal is speculated to make the Danish mid-laner the highest paid player in the LCS.

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Team Liquid and star mid-laner Nicolaj "Jensen'' Jensen have made it official, the pair will remain together through 2023, under a three-year contract extension. We recently reported that Jensen's contract was going to be a big one, and now it looks to have been finalised, meaning the Danish player might just be the highest paid individual in the LCS - although no official contract details have been revealed yet.

Jensen has been playing under the Team Liquid banner for the last two years, where he and the team managed to secure two LCS Championships, even reaching the 2019 MSI finals. With Jensen locked down for the next three years, Liquid will be looking to further establish dominance in the LCS region, potentially even making an impact in more international tournaments.

League of Legends
Team Liquid

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