PokerStars sponsors FURIA

The poker site joins a stacked list of sponsors, backing the Brazilian esports organisation.

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Online Poker website PokerStars has joined Brazilian esports organisation FURIA as a sponsor. Joining the likes of HyperX, Twitch, Nike, AimLab, and even another betting site, Rivalry, PokerStars is looking to become more deeply rooted in the world of esports - which is becoming ever larger for gambling sites.

Whilst the full contractual details regarding this sponsorship has not been revealed as of yet, FURIA is becoming a much larger, well-respected esports organisation, so getting in early is a smart decision. Known for their teams in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, FURIA has also secured a slot in the Brazilian League of Legends series, the CB LoL.

Check out the announcement video here.

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PokerStars sponsors FURIA

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