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Cloud9 Blue defeat Team Envy in Nerd Street Gamers First Strike qualifier

The concluded event also saw TSM defeat Gen.G in a third place consolidation match.

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The first qualifying tournament for one of two events for the North American region of Valorant's First Strike Invitational tournament have concluded, seeing Cloud9 Blue (the all-male roster) defeat Team Envy.

In a series that went the distance, Cloud9 Blue took down Envy 2-1, in quite a domineering fashion. Game 1 was a close one, with a tight 13-11 result for Envy, who got ahead in the series early, before crumbling and losing the next two maps, 13-7 and 13-5 respectively. With this finish, Cloud9 Blue claim the first seed, with the other top-15 teams from this qualifier moving forward to the actual Nerd Street Gamers tournament, which will flesh out and find competitors for the more global First Strike event.

On top of the result between C9 Blue and Team Envy, Team SoloMid also defeated Gen.G Esports in the third place consolidation match, netting them a podium spot.

Cloud 9

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