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Cloud9 Blue will face Team Envy in Nerd Street Gamers qualifier tournament

A consolidation match will also take place between TSM and Gen.G shortly beforehand.

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Yesterday marked the semi-finals for the Nerd Street Gamers' Valorant First Strike qualifier tournament for North America. The event of which Gen.G, Team Envy, Cloud9 Blue and Team SoloMid competed concluded with two teams set for the finals.

The first semi-final with Team Envy and Gen.G ended up being quite one-sided, as Envy blitzed through the series in a quick 2-0 fashion. Gen.G looked a little out of depth, only scoring 12 round wins over the course of the two matches.

The second semi-final pitted Cloud9 Blue against TSM, where a much closer series ended up occurring. Across the board, these two teams traded blows, pushing each other to the score limits over the 3 maps. Cloud9 Blue finished victorious with a 2-1 result.

The finals are set to take place tonight, October 30 at 00:00 GMT, seeing Cloud9 Blue and Team Envy face-off. Before that however, a consolidation match will take place between TSM and Gen.G at 21:00 GMT later today, October 30.

Will you be watching the finals of the first qualifying tournament?


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