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League of Legends Worlds semi-finals kick-off tomorrow

With only one EU team left in the running, who are you backing?

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The World Championship for League of Legends has been in full-swing for the past few weeks, but tomorrow marks a particularly interesting day, as semi-finals kick-off. Four teams currently remain, with only one EU roster, one Korean roster and two Chinese teams fighting for the title.

The first semi-final taking place tomorrow, October 24 at 11am BST, will see the two Chinese teams, Top Esports and Suning hash it out over a five-match set. The second semi-final will take place the following day, October 25 at 10am GMT, seeing Europe's G2 Esports take on Korea's DAMWON Gaming line-up. G2 are the West's final hope this year, and considering how far the team went last year, the organisation will be looking to replicate and build on that previous success that saw a second place finish at Worlds 2019.

Be sure to check out the tournament here, to show support for your favourite teams.

League of Legends
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