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Natus Vincere took first place in PGS Berlin: Europe Qualifiers

PGS Berlin: Europe Qualifier finals saw Natus Vincere taking the top spot, qualifying the team for PGS Berlin.

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The PGS Berlin: Europe Qualifier finals took place this past weekend and during the competitive event, Natus Vincere took the top spot, qualifying it for PGS Berlin. Joining Natus Vincere in the main event following the qualifier finals are Team Liquid, WTSG, Exalt, ENCE and Northern Lights as well as FaZe Clan, which was pre-qualified after finishing PGC 2019 as a top-four team.

Qualifying teams are set to earn a minimum of $20,000 when competing at PGS Berlin while those who failed to qualify will receive a share of the qualifier prize pool of $60,000 - not too shabby.

As for the upcoming event, PUBG Corporation is evaluating the situation and will announce what actions are being taken when a decision has been made.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

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