Dragon Ball FighterZ

DBFZ player HookGangGod parts ways with NRG Esports

He's no longer a part of the organisation, although he's still interested in competing in Arc System Works' game.

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While many organisations have invested in Arc System Works' fighting game Dragon Ball FighterZ, NRG Esports is actually taking a step back, as player Eduardo 'HookGangGod' Deno has revealed that he's no longer a part of NRG.

"Wish them the best and appreciate the support they gave me. I'm interested in new opportunities for Gran blue Fantasy versus / DBFZ Season 3," he writes.

He was signed to NRG with Steve 'Supernoon' Carbajal, but after a seventh-place finish in the World Tour Finals he's left the organisation as well.

Will you miss him?

Dragon Ball FighterZ

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