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Excel Esports reveal new CEO and CCO

Former Fnatic CEO Wouter Sleijffers and ex-Adidas man Robin McCammon join the British organisation.

Excel Esports has welcomed a new CCO, this being Robin McCammon, who has 18 years of experience as Director of Global Sports Marketing at Adidas, with former Fnatic CEO Wouter Sleijffers also joining Excel as their new CEO.

In the press release Excel says the goal of these signings is to "help realise its ambition of becoming a globally recognised esports brand with its roots in Britain," and these two bring experience in esports and traditional sports into the mix.

"Excel Esports is the most beloved brand in UK esports, and I'm delighted to take up this new challenge of building the organisation into a household name on a global scale. My experience helping create one of the most established brands in the industry meant I recognised Excel's extraordinary potential immediately, and I'm thrilled to be helping chart its course to become an international success," said Sleijffers.

"In Excel, the boldest British esports brand, I have found a tremendous opportunity to leverage my experience in the sport and lifestyle world to build something truly new with the team that goes beyond what's expected of an esports organisation," adds McCammon. I'm delighted to join the fastest growing entertainment sector with such an immensely ambitious and disruptive company, and I very much look forward to getting my teeth into establishing Excel as a world leader in the esports space."

Are these a good fit for Excel?

Excel Esports reveal new CEO and CCO
Photo: ExceL Esports

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