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Minnesota Røkkr will be joining the Call of Duty League

The latest team coming to the CoD League is owned by WISE Ventures who also own the NFL's Minnesota Vikings.

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Following the influx of franchise announcements for Activision's Call of Duty League, yesterday we got to take a look at Minnesota's team, the Røkkr. Owned by WISE Ventures, the very same parent organisation who own the Minnesota Vikings of the NFL, the Røkkr introduced themselves to the world with a short video released over Twitter.

The branding of the Røkkr uses the same style of design as that of the Vikings, featuring a similar horned helmet as the team logo and a heavy purple colour scheme, much alike the Vikings themselves. On top of that, the Røkkr will be based in Minneapolis in the Call of Duty League, meaning if you are a fan, that is where the majority of their games will take place.

As for a roster announcement regarding who will play on the Røkkr, the full team and head coach has been announced. At the current time and pending League approval, the roster is fielding; Silly, Assault, Godrx, Alexx, Asim and as a coach Saintt. You can check out the full roster announcement in this short video the Røkkr produced for Twitter.

Now that the Minnesota Røkkr has officially been announced, we are only waiting for three more teams to reveal themselves, in Chicago, Paris and Seattle before the full list of franchises for the Call of Duty League's inaugural season starts next year. For more news on the CoD League, be sure to check out the Toronto Ultra's roster and team branding here.

Which team will you be supporting?

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