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      Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

      ReKTGlobal secures spot in Call of Duty franchised league

      Rogue's parent company has the London team, and will be facing sides from Europe and North America in 2020.

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      Call of Duty esports is moving to a franchised league next season, similar to the Overwatch League that Activision Blizzard also operates, and now ReKTGlobal - parent company of Rogue - has revealed that they've secured a spot in the competition.

      This team will compete next year with teams from North America and Europe, and this is another big move for ReKTGlobal after acquiring Rogue last year.

      "On behalf of the entire ReKTGlobal organization, we are thrilled that we've landed the London team for Call of Duty," said founder and chairman Amish Shah. "My co-founder, Dave Bialek, and I feel that some of the most enthusiastic esports fans are based in London and we are not only excited but welcome the challenge to represent the city, while gaining larger visibility and growing our brand within the UK. Our core UK team is eager to bring the championship home with the support of the community, their family and friends, and investors such as Steve Aoki, Imagine Dragons, Nicky Romero and DrLupo. We also have a number of surprises in store for the fans so get your popcorn ready and join us on our championship journey."

      This month North American organisation 100 Thieves revealed they won't be competing in Call of Duty anymore, with founder and CEO Matthew 'Nadeshot' Haag saying that the franchised league is "so expensive", hence why they're taking a step back.

      Do you like the idea of this league?

      Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

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