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Dota 2

OG's Topson stepping temporarily away from Dota 2

After winning The International, he's going to "take a holiday to spend time with my family".

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OG is one of the biggest teams in Dota 2 right now, as they won The International (the biggest competition on the planet for Dota 2 and arguably for esports in general) in 2018, and despite mixed results in the last season, they came back to The International to win it again this past summer.

This is why it might surprise you to hear that OG's player Topias 'Topson' Taavitsainen is stepping away from Dota 2 for a while, as revealed on Twitter.

"I think it is time to say a huge thanks to everyone who has been supporting me on my Dota2 journey so far. A lot has happened in less than two years. From streaming some dotes at home to two time TI champion. Big thanks to my teammates, family and all of you fans," he said.

"For now I am gonna take a holiday to spend time with my family, think about the future and setting new goals."

Are you a fan of Topson?

Dota 2
Photo: ESL

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