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Heavy Metal Machines

Heavy Metal Machines' Metal League starts on August 10

The newest iteration has $5,000 USD at stake, and you can take part each Saturday until the grand finals.

Hoplon has revealed that the new edition of the Metal League for Heavy Metal Machines will be starting on August 10, with players around the world able to compete for a prize pool of $5,000 USD. There's no registration fee either, and players just need to enter the Metal League's in-game queue at the right time.

"In the first tournaments, 46 teams from 16 different countries went for the Heavy Metal Machines Metal League title, and only the Neon Knights (Europe) and Roadkill (Brazil) were able to celebrate as champions and take home the top prize money for each competition," commented Rodrigo Campos, Hoplon's CEO. "We're excited to find out who will earn the first prize in the North American server and become champions as part of this exclusive list".

"Metal League 5 will be held during season five of the Metal Pass and has everything to be the most disputed and democratic of the tournament of the season until now, as both Europeans and South Americans can play in the North American server without lag. Several experienced teams and lots of great amateur players will be taking their chances in the Ranked Mode. Heavy Metal Machine can now also be played using any type of gamepads, including Xbox 360, Xbox One and PS4 controllers", said Eros Carvalho, Hoplon's Head of Studio. "This latest addition will bring an interesting balance to the tournament, as well as encouraging players who prefer these types of controllers to participate."

The Metal League 5 has battles every Saturday, and you can win the title even if you join while it's in progress, thanks to an intelligent scoring system. At the end of the six Saturdays, the top eight teams qualify for the finals, played on September 21 in best-of-three matches. The champions take home $2,000 of the prize pool, with second-place having $1,500, third-place $1,000, and fourth-place $500.

Those who want a team can head to the game's Discord, and there's a trailer for the tournament below. Will you be competing?

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