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Blizzard reportedly looking to partner with streamers for OWL

This would be in order to boost viewership for the competition, and several ideas have allegedly been discussed.

The Overwatch League is one of the biggest esports competitions in the world right now, but Blizzard may well be looking to boost viewership, as a new report from Dexerto claims they're looking to partner up with streamers and influencers to drive numbers up.

Ideas discussed, according to the report, include working alongside Streamlabs and Stream Elements, and Blizzard is allegedly aiming to streamers meeting several criteria, with a preference for former Overwatch players with an existing audience, as well as obviously being "brand safe". Those in the US were also preferred, so they can attend live matches and take part in meet-ups as part of promotions.

Streamers on the program could also be getting a custom overlay, featuring live updates on matches as well as promoting ticket sales, and the same report claims Blizzard has hired an Influencer Specialist back in June.

Would this be a good idea?

Photo: Overwatch League