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Pittsburgh Knights reveal all-female PUBG team

  • Text: Sam Bishop

It was only yesterday that we reported on esports organisation Pittsburgh Knights partnering with NFL team Pittsburgh Steelers, and now we've got word on a new all-female PUBG team coming from the former.

Aliza 'Hellauchiha' ('Hella') Teinert, Taryn 'Taryn' Blanco, Bri 'Masq' Becker, and Christina 'Sminty' Thomas are coming on board as the Dames, and here's what Hella had to say on the move:

"It's probably going to be more of a challenge since you're being placed up against people who take the game as seriously as you do. I hope I can make the Knights proud to have me as a part of their team."

All of these players have a lot of in-game experience, and although they've not met in real life, they're familiar with their styles of play. Others like Masq also have a lot of experience in games like CS:GO too, which has transferrable skills with PUBG.

The team will be competing at the Zowie Divina PUBG competition in China running from today until December 18, which you can watch on Twitch.

Can the Dames get early wins together?

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Photo: Pittsburgh Knights