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Overwatch League Watchpoint Season Preview coming this week

We're getting a look at the opening week's schedule.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

Overwatch League fans are no doubt excited for the second season to get underway, and there's good news on that front, as we've just found out that the Overwatch League Watchpoint Season Preview is coming live from the Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles this Wednesday (December 4) at 16:00 PST (00:00 GMT the next day).

You can watch this via all the usual platforms, and the show will give you a sneak peek at the opening week's schedule for the season, starting on February 14, not to mention analysis on each of the 20 teams that'll be competing.

Featured guests include commissioner Nate Nanzer as well as others like team representatives and talent Christ Puckett and Malik Forté, and will also highlight the battle against cancer by the V Foundation as a tentpole within ESPN's 12th annual V Week.

The complete schedule will be revealed later this month, but for now this is a nice way to get a taste of what's to come.

Are you pumped for Season 2?

Photo: Overwatch League