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League of Legends

Invictus Gaming and Fnatic are the Worlds finalists

G2 and Cloud9 were dominated in their semi-finals.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

The League of Legends World Championships are slowly reaching their finale, and so far it has been a great story for fans of western teams, as three of these teams were in the semi-finals that took place this past weekend, and now we know the last two teams who are in the final.

First up in the semi-finals was Invictus Gaming taking on G2 Esports, and while G2 had impressed thus far, this is where their journey ended, as Invictus dominated the match 3-0 to send them home and book their place in the final, reclaiming some glory for Asia in a competition where the continent had severely underperformed.

Then came Cloud9 versus Fnatic, a match that would guarantee at least one western team in the grand final. However, it was another dominating performance, this time from Fnatic, who swept Cloud9 aside with a 3-0 victory to set up an incredibly hard-to-predict final, taking place on November 3 (this Saturday).

Who can win?

League of Legends
Photo: Riot Games