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Shanghai Dragons reveal six new signings

A lot of which are from Kongdoo Panthera.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

With no wins and 40 losses in the first season of the Overwatch League, Shanghai Dragons released eight players at once back in September, and now they've revealed six new recruits on Twitter to try and help them reverse their fortunes in the second season.

These players are Min-seong 'diem' Bae, Jin-hyeok 'DDing' Yang, Young-jin 'YOUNGJIN' Jin, Seong-hyeon 'Luffy' Yang, Kyung-woo 'CoMa' Son, and Jun-hwan 'GuardiaN' Jo, all of which are shown off in a brand new trailer released by the team. A lot of these players come from head coach Seong-hwan 'BlueHaS' We's old team Kongdoo Panthera, which isn't too much of a surprise.

Are these a good bunch of players?

Photo: Shanghai Dragons