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An unknown OWL team has picked up the RunAway roster

"I think the salary is on the higher side for OWL."

  • Text: Sam Bishop

Several of the new expansion teams for the Overwatch League have yet to show their rosters off to us, but as reported by Dot Esports, Korean team RunAway - who plays in the Overwatch Contenders division - has just been picked up by a team.

We don't know who that team is, but Twitter user gatamchun shared this information on Twitter, translating team manager Ah 'Flowervin' Lee-Hyun's statement on a stream in which it was said the entire team has been signed for Season 2, and that there was no friction with said team, with the deal being settled by the end of September.

Gatamchun also provided the following translated quote:

"I think the salary is on the higher side for OWL. The players are all v satisfied with the deal, that's why they signed the contract, right? I can't yet say whether they've been all signed as a team or as individual players."

What team could it be?