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Florida Mayhem assistant coach wants social service for BQB

"His fault cannot be washed."

  • Text: Sam Bishop

Florida Mayhem's Overwatch player Lee 'BGB' Sang-Bum was found guilty of promoting boosting services earlier this year, and the team's assistant coach Choi 'r2der' Hyun-jin has now revealed on Twitter that he wants to help make amends for what he's done.

"I want to talk about bqb," r2der writes. "His fault cannot be washed. I will look for social service with him and I will do community service with him, I think even this is not enough. Many people agree with opinions and criticisms. We may seem pretentious. I want to help society as much as he did wrong."

"I'm tired of lying like other teams, and I cannot find forgiveness for what he did wrong, but I want to help society as much as I did. Once again I am sorry for the overwatch fans, We'll always reflect on myself and try to do good things."

What do you think - is this a good measure?