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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Xantares reveals his team has parted ways with Space Soldiers

The Turkish roster is looking for a new home.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

Space Soldiers are one of the most famous Turkish teams for CS:GO, having played on their home turf at the Blast Pro Series in Istanbul mere weeks ago, but now their player İsmailcan 'Xantares' Dörtkardeş has revealed on Twitter that the roster has left the organisation.

"It was a great pleasure to be a part of this organization. However, our long-term plans did not match with the Space Soldiers organization," he said, before revealing that the team has left the organisation.

This isn't a total surprise, as players have removed Space Soldiers branding from social media channels for a while now (as reported by Dot Esports), but now this is official and the team will be looking to compete elsewhere. Where do you want to see them go next?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: Blast Pro Series