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France and UK qualify for last 8 of Overwatch World Cup

The two nations advanced from the Paris group stage.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

The Overwatch World Cup Paris Group Stage has just come to a close, and France and the United Kingdom were the teams to finish in the top two places (France coming just above the UK) to secure a place in the last eight of the competition, which will take place at BlizzCon at the start of November.

Six teams entered the Paris stage, but only two could leave, meaning the Netherlands, Poland, Germany, and Italy were sent home, while both France and the UK left with 4-0 records. France beat the UK 4-0 to earn the top spot though, with the full results being available right here.

We now know all of the top eight matches too, as China will take on Finland, while South Korea will face Australia. USA will also be facing the UK, while France takes on Canada, so there's plenty of talent on show when the competition gets underway on November 2.

What teams can progress furthest?

Photo: Blizzard