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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Gla1ve: Playing with Magisk "just works out so good"

The in-game leader has praise for his Major-winning teammate.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

Astralis has just won the Faceit Major as of last night, and after the grand final we spoke to Lukas 'Gla1ve' Rossander about his teammate Emil 'Magisk' Reif, who had won his first Major trophy in his career.

"He has been amazing for us," he said. "He has played so... really well. He has a lot of firepower, he makes a lot of good decisions, he listens a lot to me and that is for me the most important thing, when we bring in a player. It was tough to say if it was a right decision in the beginning, but now you just see, playing with him for eight months now, that it just works out so good."

Do you think Magisk can win more Majors with Astralis?