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Washington DC's Overwatch League team makes two signings

WizardHyeong and Janus are in.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

Despite not having a name or pretty much any solid details yet, Washington DC's newly-announced Overwatch team has taken to Twitter to reveal that they've signed both Song 'Janus' Joon-hwa and Kim 'WizardHyeong' Hyeong-seok.

In the official announcement the team's assistant general manager Kate Mitchell said: "Head coach and main tank are the two most important positions in Overwatch League. The entire style of the team flows from them. Both Wizardhyeong and Janus are excited to help build one of the strongest teams in the Overwatch League and these signings are a powerful statement of our intentions to compete with the best."

Are these good acquisitions by Washington DC's team?

Photo: Overwatch League