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$10 million up for grabs as Fortnite's Fall Skirmish draws closer

Keemstar drops his Friday Fortnite plans in response.

  • Text: Mike Holmes

Epic teased us last night by suggesting that more details regarding the upcoming Fall Skirmish are on the way, with a whopping $10 million USD up for grabs over the coming six weeks of competitive play.

In response to that, fresh from his suggestion yesterday that Friday Fortnite competitions could make their return, YouTuber Keemstar pulled the plug on his own plans, writing: "Nope! I'm not playing this game again. RiP #FridayFortnite !"

Meanwhile, Fortnite itself was just updated to v5.40.2, with full patch notes set to hit usual places at midday (in the UK). If you like to know all the teeny tiny changes made by Epic for each patch, stay tuned to official channels for all the latest.