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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

OpTic Gaming signs a female CS:GO team

The Brazilian roster was revealed on Twitter.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

OpTic Gaming is an organisation with a presence already in CS:GO, but now they've revealed on Twitter that they've signed a Brazilian female CS:GO team as well, the roster formerly known as TiMe DaS LiNdAs.

This roster contains Camila 'cAmyy' Natale, Juliana 'showliana' Maransaldi, Pamella 'pan' Sjibuya, Bruna 'bizinha' Marvila, and Gabriela 'GaBi' Maldonado, as well as coach Guilherme 'walck' Moreno. "We want to beat the best teams. That is our goal," pan said in the Twitter video.

How well can this roster perform?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: OpTic Gaming