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Former Dallas Fuel player xQc banned for abusive chat

The controversial Overwatch player continues to make the headlines.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

Earlier this year we found out that Félix 'xQc' Lengyel was dropped from Dallas Fuel's Overwatch League team, having a history of controversial behaviour before that, and now more controversy has been added to the pile after we found out he had been banned from the game itself for 15 days after he was reported for abusive chat (as reported by Dexerto).

As is the case with many incidents, xQc then took to Twitter to address the situation, saying:

"It is never my intention to harass or use in-game chat in an abusive manner. Banter is fun and 100% of the time I type something to someone I know they are playing along and won't be hurt. If I ever typed something and you we're genuinely hurt, I am sorry. I will be better."

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Photo: Overwatch League