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Rainbow Six: Siege

Team Secret acquires IDK's Rainbow Six: Siege team

They recently won at DreamHack Valencia.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

Esports organisation Team Secret has revealed that they're jumping on the Rainbow Six: Siege train as well, as they've signed the European squad formerly known as IDK (I Don't Know), who if you'll remember recently won at the DreamHack Valencia competition.

The team will debut at the Paris Major on August 13, and this is what CEO John Yao had to say about the acquisition:

"We're entering Rainbow 6 Siege with a talented and exciting roster that have already stolen many your hearts in their unprecedented rise to success. The team formerly known as IDK has the work ethic, attitude, and skill that embodies what the Secret organization stands for, and we hope to find even greater successes together in the future. #SecretR6 will make their live debut at Six Paris.... see you all there!"

If you need reminding, you can find the full team down below, as well as an official trailer. Is this a good signing by Secret?

  • Matthew 'meepeY' Sharples

  • Leon 'LeonGids' Giddens

  • Ryan 'Lacky' Stapley

  • Bryan 'Elemzje' Tebessi

  • David 'sTiZze' De Castro

  • Louis 'Helbee' Bureau (Coach)

Rainbow Six: Siege
Photo: Team Secret