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OWL's Jon Spector: One lesson for next season is more breaks

We spoke with the Director of Franchises and Competition in Brooklyn.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

The Overwatch League's Director of Franchises and Competition Jon Spector was on hand for an interview at Brooklyn's Barclays Center ahead of the Overwatch League grand finals, and when we talked to him we asked about specific lessons the team had for next season, which he said has to do with the time off that players get.

"I think the biggest one from where I sit is, from talking with a lot of our players and teams and coaches, there's an opportunity to probably add a little more break time during the season," he said. "Playing Overwatch at the level they do is gruelling, and what we did this season, we had a week break between each stage, and as we look to next season that's a pretty clear lesson where we think we can do that a little differently."

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Photo: Overwatch League