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Basset & Gold becomes West Ham United's esports partner

As well as the club's sleeve sponsor.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

English Premier League football club West Ham United have announced that they've agreed a new partnership with Basset & Gold to be the club's sleeve sponsor, but that's not all, as the financial services firm is also becoming the club's esports partner too.

"Esports is an area in which West Ham United are pioneering and they became the first British team to announce an esports player in 2016, while London Stadium hosted the first ever esports tournament involving professional clubs in the same year," the announcement reads.

There aren't many details other than that on the esports side of things, but with West Ham having FIFA players Danny Taylor and Jamie 'Jamboo' Rigden under their wing, this should be a good partnership moving forwards as they try to succeed in the world of competitive gaming.

Do you like football clubs committing to esports?

Photo: West Ham United

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