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Envision Esports moves out of Overwatch

The owner leaves a frustrated message on TwitLonger.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

If you've been following the development Overwatch Contenders league, you may have heard of or even follow Envision Esports, but there's sad news for the team, as owner Artur Minacov has taken to TwitLonger to deliver the news that the organisation has dropped the roster.

"I am writing this tweet with a lot of sadness and frustration," the post reads. "As of today, I am officially announcing the release of our Overwatch roster. Through the past year and a half, I have been investing a lot of funds into creating a Tier 1 Overwatch team. Before Overwatch League, it seemed possible, but today, it is a whole other story."

He doesn't delve into why the decision was made, but he does hint at a frustration with the wider treatment of teams that aren't attached to Overwatch League Academies, adding that "after injecting so much into helping build the Overwatch scene, it sucks to realize that I had no support whatsoever, and my contribution did not matter."

He ends by thanking all those involved with the team up until now, and wishing them best of luck for the future. Were you a fan of their team?

Photo: Blizzard