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Fortnite's 2019 World Cup esports plans revealed

"Anyone can participate, anyone can win."

  • Text: Mike Holmes

Epic has just lifted the lid on its plans for Fortnite esports next year with the promise that anyone can enter and ultimately win the Fortnite 2019 World Cup. That's right, teams and sponsors won't be buying their way in and that gives anyone and everyone a chance of laying claim to a share of the $100,000,000 prize pool that Epic is making available to the ever-growing Fortnite community (which, apparently, now includes a staggering 125 million players).

While there will be more of an emphasis on solo and duo play, squads will be invited to compete too. Additional information, including a more detailed schedule for next year's plans, will drop in the autumn. You can check out the announcement trailer below for all the details.