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Rainbow Six: Siege

Millenium take the DreamHack Austin Rainbow Six trophy

The French team triumphed over Evil Geniuses.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

Rainbow Six: Siege has some big plans in place for esports, as alongside the Rainbow Six Pro League and Majors like the upcoming one in Paris in August, DreamHack events are also starting to unfold, including the one this past weekend in Austin where Millenium won the trophy.

It was more heartbreak for Evil Geniuses though, as the Six Invitational finalists got to the final again, just to be trumped in overtime in a tense final match, the last moments of which you can actually watch right here. Millenium thoroughly impressed though, not just here but also against Rogue to get to the grand final too.

Are Millenium a team to watch now?

Rainbow Six: Siege
Photo: DreamHack