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Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbow Six Pro League Season 8 finals hitting Rio de Janeiro

Eight teams will battle it out once more.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

Ubisoft has announced that the Rainbow Six Pro League Season 8 finals will be hitting the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro from November 17 to 18, or more specifically The Jeunesse Arena in the Olympic Park, which has a 12,000 seat capacity.

In this event eight of the best teams from around the world will compete against one another - two from Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and North America - for $275,000 USD, and Team Liquid will be able to defend their Season 7 title on home soil.

Season 8 starts on June 11 and will introduce a new format, with each Pro League now being six months long. Also, Pick & Ban will be in place now too, and for more on the finals you can watch the trailer down below.

Is this a good venue?