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Sydney Drop Bears win Overwatch Contenders Australia

They followed their shaky semi-final with a dominating 4-0 grand final win.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

We recently reported that London Spitfire's development team British Hurricane had taken the European crown in the Overwatch Contenders league - just below the Overwatch League - and now we know that Sydney Drop Bears are the victors in the Australian side of things, having defeated Masterminds GC 4-0 in the grand final of the competition.

Having said that, they almost didn't get to the grand final at all, as their semi-final against Dark Sided was a nail-bitingly close 3-2 win in the final round, but they rallied to perform incredibly well in the final.

"Before the season we were under performing and had an unfinished roster. Nevertheless @daveharrisAUS picked us up to become @Dropbearsgg. I can't thank everyone from the org enough, to take a risk, to believe, invest and work with us. Without you we don't win," coach Sam 'Face' Merewether wrote on Twitter.

The second season of Contenders Australia begins on July 1, and the Sydney Drop Bears will no doubt have a ton of confidence going into this. Did you expect them to perform as well as they did?

Photo: Blizzard