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British Hurricane takes the Overwatch Contenders title

Fusion University were champions on the NA side.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

The Overwatch Contenders is a developmental competition just below the Overwatch League that gives smaller teams and their players a chance to shine, and now the London Spitfire's Contenders team British Hurricane has taken the crown in the EU finals.

They had tough competition though, as Contenders veterans Team Gigantti were their opponents in the grand final after both advanced through the playoffs with dominating performances, leading to a best-of-seven match that went all the way to the final game. What's more is that British Hurricane also won the Atlantic Showdown, a show match against Fusion University, the NA champions.

The teams at the bottom will now have to play in the Contenders Trials against Open Division teams to try and reclaim a place in Contenders' second season, but as for British Hurricane, their victory won them over $40,000 USD, so they must be feeling pretty good right now.

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Photo: Overwatch Contenders